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Audiobook Audio Editing

Recently, I have had the opportunity to use my audio restoration skills to improve the quality of various audiobooks. While these recordings were made in a professional studio, I was able to identify and remove any unwanted sounds or blemishes that occurred during the recording process to fine-tune and further enhance the final product. (Links to audiobook work soon to come!)

~ Services Provided ~

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I now have various tools for correcting mistakes made in recorded audio. If you need your audio repaired from excess background noise, mouth-clicks, distortion, popping plosives (the dreaded "P" sound when you record without a pop filter) I've got the tools and knowhow to help save your audio. Before you go out recording again, try me first!



I have extensive time running and aiding in tracking sessions from small vocal recordings to full-on large ensembles. My knowledge of recording techniques and practices help me to deliver a premium result in every session.



I have extensive experience editing hundreds of projects from general music to working with sound for video (both podcasts and film). While my main editing software is Pro Tools, I can easily adapt to work with any software needed to make our workflow as seamless as possible.



With experience using industry standard tools such as iZotope's Ozone 8 and various renowned mastering outboard gear such as the Tube-Tech SMC-2B, I am able to deliver mastered results that make your sound ready to be dispersed through all platforms.



Over the past 4 years, I've been able to fine tune my skills in order to achieve the client's vision while also resulting in clear and high-quality mixes. I strive to make sure my mixes completely satisfy while going above and beyond to deliver a stellar finished product. 


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I Don't Just Use it, I am a Certified Operator.

During the course of my academic career, I trained and obtained the title of a Pro Tools 11 Certified Operator. I currently run my sessions using ProTools 2022.12.0

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